Phil Farquharson

Pine Wood
six thousand feet up
in San Jacinto Mountains
relief spelled "Pine Wood"

We were caretakers of a family cabin
in the San Jacinto Mountains from
1997 to 2000. It was truly remarkable
to be in this four-season wonderland
only 70 miles northeast of San Diego.

This is the northern-most part of the
Peninsular Ranges Batholith, which
extends south though most of the Baja
California Peninsula
The Tetons!
summer '65
geology assistant
beheld the tetons!

The haiku refers to my pivotal summer, when
I worked for Lloyd Furer, supporting his Ph.D.
dissertation field work. Big-time adventure!

My Notebook of that summer adventure is HERE
or click on picture above (revised 27 July 2021)

1965 Journey, Day by day:

Into the home strech...
1965 to 2021, 56 years, apart. but same days of the week. Then I was on a journey into the unknown "wilds" of a place called Wyoming, from the place I was born, Madison, Wisconsin.

Haiku entries for these days in 1965:

Day 44: July 31, 1965 (Saturday):

Almost-ready-to-head-back haiku:
  • Inspiration Point
  • up Cascade Canyon five miles
  • very inspiring

Day 45: August 1, 1965 (Sunday):

NOW-ready-to-head-back haiku
  • Creampuff Mountain top
  • all west Wyo mountains seen
  • plus mother bear, cub

Day 46: August 2, 1965 (Monday):

Big-letdown haiku:
  • abruptly ended
  • how and when did we return
  • is that all there is?

Days 47-??: August 3 (and?):

epilogue haiku:
  • 1965
  • notebook ends in cliffhanger
  • did he find meaning?
  • -----
  • (I'll let you know)
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My big fat movie role from 1974
I was part of a movie for Exxon called "Nuclear Energy: A Perspective"
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